Hello everyone!

It’s been quite a while since my last post! Since then, school has started, and the workload has been intense, as per usual. That, however, hasn’t stopped me from dreaming about gardening. Yes, I’ve literally been dreaming about gardening for the past few weeks. Obviously, I’ve been itching for spring. Luckily, seed starting time is just around the corner and I can start getting my gardening in gear!

Until then, I have a fun little project you can do! This all started because I noticed pineapples were on sale at the supermarket. I had heard about people growing their own pineapples from the ones they had bought at their grocery store, so I decided to try it too!

Here’s what you do:

Get your pineapple and twist the top off.

After you twist the top off, peel off some of the bottom leaves. I peeled until I got most of the dead leaves off and then trimmed some excess with scissors.

In this picture, you’re able to see where some of the roots are starting!


Then, get a planter and fill it with potting soil.

Plant the bottom of the pineapple into the potting soil, but don’t cover too much of the stem. Just make sure that it sits in the planter and that it seems pretty sturdy.

Water, then sit it on a sunny windowsill.

In a few weeks time, your plant will have started growing a good root system. If you like, you can put some rooting hormone on the bottom of the stem before planting, however, pineapple stems usually take to the soil easily and thus don’t need rooting hormone.

As far as watering requirements go, make sure that your soil is always moist, but not wet. You don’t want to have the roots rot. You will probably want to water about once a week for this. Also, don’t be afraid to water right on the leaves–the leaves of the pineapple plant are especially designed to be tolerant of water and to funnel the water directly to the root system. As such, you don’t really have to worry about things like downy mildew.

With the right care, you can expect your pineapple to fruit in about 2 to 3 years. You can try and force it to fruit after one year by setting an apple on the pineapple andĀ placing a bag over top of it for a night.

Whether you’re in a tropical zone or one with cold winters, this is an easy and fun activity that can be tremendously rewarding! I encourage you all to go out and try it too!

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